Sebastopol's Family Owned Feed Store

everything you need for your pets and livestock and a whole lot more

Incredible Selection

The Feed Store in Sebastopol has one of the largest selections of dog food, cat food, poultry feed, equine feed and supplies, and general livestock feed that you can find anywhere in Sonoma County. The aisles of canned foods alone for your pet are amazing. From pet beds and crates to pet food and pet toys, from alfalfa 3-wire to supplies for showing your sheep, you can count on The Feed Store to have what you need and more.

4-H & FFA Show Prices

We remember being in 4-H and for our 4-H and FFA customers we have reduced pricing on all livestock and poultry feeds that are just slightly above our cost. So whether you are showing sheep, goats, or your  chickens at the Fair we keep your costs low. For all of our customers that buy in larger quantities, not just our farm accounts, we will deliver your hay, grain and pet supplies, so it is convenient for you.

Exceptional Service

The Feed Store is passionate about animals and our customers.  We want you to have an exceptional experience when you shop at The Feed Store in Sebastopol. Community and developing long term relationships with our neighbors is important to us. Please be sure to tell us your needs and your suggestions because many of our products and features started as our customer’s suggestions.

Family & Locally Owned

Dedication to locally owned businesses is important to us at The Feed Store. Our dedication is what motivated us and our family to rebuild after the fire in 2013,  personally we couldn’t imagine Sebastopol or our lives without The Feed Store we had worked at and loved for decades. So from our baby chicks to supporting 4-H and FFA, being locally involved in our community is important to us.

“Chick Days” Coming March 1st ‐ Baby Chicks!

Our general selection of breeds are Ameraucanas, Golden Laced Wyondotts, Silver Laced Wyondotts, Dominiques, Delawares, Light Brahmas, and Barred Rocks. However, we could be offering other unique breeds, the selection is based upon the hatchery.

Our chicks are from California and usually arrive at our door when they are just 1 day old, and they are always vaccinated for Marek’s disease.

Your Sonoma County Feed Destination

  • Amazing selection of wood stoves and inserts
  • Livestock hay and grain
  • Feed for horses to your hamster
  • Large selection of Non-GMO, Organic feed for livestock and pets
  • Extensive selection of traditional pet foods and livestock feed
  • Good selection of Raw Pet food options for your pet
  • Men and women’s clothing
  • Boots for both men and women
  • Great selection of socks
  • Your last minute gift and card selection headquarters

Read Some of The Feed Store Rave Reviews

“The Feed Store” formerly Frizell-Enos. This store was great as the former store. An icon in the community. I think Tony and Stacey will make it better than it was. Tony has been a great stove technician for years for us. If they run this place the way Tony did his work, they can’t miss. I will recommend The Feed Store always. I will also be a patron forever.” Steven K., Petaluma, CA

“We are thrilled to have The Feed Store open!  Always friendly, helpful and courteous.  They have a genuine interest in what animals we are raising and what feed we need. I am a grateful farmer!!” Laura P., Sebastopol, CA

Read More of The Feed Store Reviews

The Feed Store–Your Destination for Pet Food & Livestock Feed

As you see by our Gallery page, The Feed Store has an extensive inventory of everything from stoves to boots, and livestock feed to pet food. Below we have listed for you the specific categories of items we currently stock at The Feed Store in Sebastopol, California.

Most anything you need for your pets or livestock you can find at The Feed Store. We are your one-stop destination for everything you might need for your pets or farm. If you don’t see a certain product on our shelves, please ask and we will see if we have it or can order it for you.

Bird feed and treats
Cat litter and litter boxes and accessories
Cat food; including dry, canned, dehydrated, frozen, and cat treats
Assortment of men and women’s clothing; gloves, hats, scarves, clothing, boots, and accessories
Dog food; including dry, canned, dehydrated, frozen, raw, and dog treats
Cat, dog, and other animal toys
Equine feed, feedbags, and feed barrels
Hay; 3-Way, Alfalfa, Orchard-Alfalfa, Orchard, and Orchard-Timothy hay
Home Goods, gifts and greeting cards
Personal care products
Livestock bags, barrels and tubs

Livestock feed
People treats with an assortment of bulk candies
Poultry feed
Salt bags, blocks, and bricks
Shavings; red cedar, pine, bed-pelleted, bed-pine
Small animal bags, treats, and feed
Stove fuel, parts, pipe, and tools
Stoves; including wood, gas and pellet
Straw; including, rice, wattle, and wheat
General animal supplies; including beds, kennels, collars, litter, toys, vet supplies, vitamins, and cleaning supplies
Workwear; including pants, Muck boots, gloves, hats, jackets, and rain gear

Wood Stoves, Gas Fireplace Inserts & Pellet Stoves & More

The Feed Store, Inc is your destination showroom in western Sonoma County for wood stoves, wood fireplace inserts, gas stoves, gas fireplace inserts, and pellet stoves.

We have been serving Sonoma County for nearly 20 years with fireplaces and stoves from Quadra Fire and Regency. We will help you choose the best fireplace solution for your home and lifestyle. We will help you add a primary heat source or a backup heating source to your home that cuts your energy costs, adds value to your home, while providing a welcoming mood to any room in your home.

At The Feed Store, Inc you can count on us for our expert advice and installation of your new fireplace insert or stove. Welcome this fall and winter season with a new fireplace or fireplace insert.

The Gift Boutique

The Feed Store Gallery

Browse through some of The Feed Store photos below and take a look at our Gallery page to see more of our photos.


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